Backed by Extensive Industry Experience

With our wide range of marine consultancy services, having a full understanding of regulatory and security requirements in the marine sector, along with their practical application, we are well placed to offer an analysis of impacts and to develop solutions.

With Mr. Esben Poulsson, President of the Singapore Shipping Association and
Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping

Success in today’s regulatory environment is contingent upon building consensus – we have the expertise to navigate the process.

Whatever the project, we offer in depth analysis of risks, actual or perceived, with the identification of rational mitigation measures as required.

Whatever your project, our knowledge of commodities along with our familiarity with the ports and coast of British Columbia will be at your disposal.

A frequent obstacle to new developments is a failure to offer an analysis of cumulative marine traffic impacts. We provide hand-on expertise in both analysis and mitigation options.

Pacific Pilotage Authority bridge simulator

Marine Communications Traffic Centre (MCTS), Victoria, Canada

We offer a wide range of commodity expertise in the container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid and gas sectors.

Review processes require inclusive collaboration between stakeholders – an area in which we offer proven expertise.

Vessel inspections, whether routine, pre-purchase or insurance related, can be provided at short notice.

We offer our impartial expertise in the investigation of accidents of any nature in the marine sector and the development of recommendations to address their cause.

We offer our broad knowledge of the marine industry in conjunction with media management in ensuring successful conference or panel moderation.