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Orange Blossom 2 – Fruit Juice Tanker

The world’s fleet of dedicated reefer ships has been in decline since the turn of the century on account of the expansion of containerized shipping which now dominates the carriage of chilled and frozen produce across the globe. Seaborne transport of fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy) is estimated to be in the region of 115-120 million tons per annum, some 80% of which is moving in containers.

  • Built by Hyundai Mipo Shipyard, Ulsan, South Korea in 2014
  • Owned by Atlantic Reefers Corp and managed by Atlanship S.A. Lausanne
  • LOA 170m
  • Beam 26m
  • GRT 22,687 tons
  • DWT 23,686 MT
  • Speed maximum 19 knots, service 14 knots

During my years at sea with the large Salen reefer fleet, an occasional trade was carriage of concentrated frozen orange juice in 45 gallon (200 litres) drums with double polyethylene liners from Brazil, primarily the port of Santos, to the U.S. or Europe at a temperature of around –20°C. This involved a lot of heavy lifting and inevitably these trades have matured to a high level of efficiency and are now serviced by dedicated fruit juice carriers such as Orange Blossom 2 which carry the products at around –10°C. Specialized terminals to receive these vessels have been established in distribution centres in the European ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Ghent.

Ship Managers for Orange Blossom 2 are Atlanship S.A. was established in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1982. The company specializes in full ship-management activities and operations of specialised vessels employed in food industry, particularly ships transporting fruit juices in bulk under refrigeration.

Frozen orange juice supply chain


                                                              Views of Orange Blossom

The original 1985 built fruit juice carrier Orange Blossom

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